Custom Software Services

Software Design Process Overview

ProTechnix designs and produces bespoke software designed to run under both Windows and Linux operating systems. This is a four stage process :

  1. Software specification
    We guide you through a process of defining the functionality of the software and constraints on its operation. This provides a template for the next two stages.

  2. Software development
    We design, implement and produce software meeting the specification.

  3. Software validation
    We validate the software to ensure it performs correctly.

  4. Software evolution
    If the software needs modified in response to changing requirements we will implement these changes.

There are a number of accepted software process models used at Protechnix. Further details are available by following the appropriate link :

All software production is guided by a set of central tenets ensuring the programs produced are reliable, robust and maintainable. Code is engineered using C, C++ and Java programming languages.

We also configure generic products such as Excel and Access to customer specifications.

If you have a requirement for bespoke software please contact Protechnix at


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