Library services

Bibliographic Data processing

ProTechnix has developed generic code to enable complex manipulation of bibliographic data stored in a variety of formats such as ISO 2709 MARC and the markup languages. We can assist you with any of the following :

  • You wish to convert your bibliographic data from the current storage format to any other format whatsoever.

  • If your present bibliographic system stores records in an outdated format and it is necessary to convert to a more modern format.

  • You are upgrading your current Library Management System.

  • You wish to import bibliographic records into an existing Library Management System.


Library System Upgrades

Should your institution change its library system, this can present an ideal opportunity to clean and upgrade your current data. Even if the system supplier has in-house conversion facilities you may find we can provide a better service for this component of the upgrade.

We are familiar with a large range of library systems including but not restricted to the following :

Library System


Advance, Plus Geac Computers Ltd
ADLIB Adlib Information Systems Ltd
Alice Softlink Europe Ltd
AUTOLIB, Talisman Payne Automation (UK)
C2 Soutron Ltd
CAIRS Cairs Ltd
Cardbox Cardbox
Concordance, Liberty LexisNexis
Datatrek, TINLIB, Q-Series, GLAS EOS International Ltd
Dynix, Horizon, Unicorn SirsiDynix
Filemaker Pro Filemaker Inc.
OpenGalaxy, Axiell Calm, Galaxy 2000, CALM, CLASS 2000, DScribe Axiell (formerly DS Ltd)
GENCAT, Eloquent Heritage Eloquent Systems
Heritage Heritage
Inamgic, DB/Textworks Inmagic
INNOPAC, Millennium Innovative Interfaces
Libero Insight Informatics
Librarian Eurotec Consultants
LiBRARYSOFT New Generation Technologies
Library Works, Library World LibraryWorld Inc. (formerly CASPR)
NOTEbookS, Norma Notisoft Ltd
SydneyPLUS International Library Systems
TECHLIBplus, BASIS Information Dimensions (UK) Ltd
Unicorn, Hyperion, QuikStart SIRSI Ltd
URICA/Spydus Civica


If you have any bibliographic data processing requirements, or would like more information on these services then contact ProTechnix at


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