Introducing Protechnix

Custom software and data processing services

Protechnix provides businesses, organisations and individuals with complete integrated solutions to bespoke software and data processing requirements.

Software Services
Our bespoke computer software service covers the entire software life-cycle from requirements analysis and design to production and maintenance. We currently produce programs to run under Linux and Windows operating systems.

Data services
We also provide a comprehensive data processing services including format conversion, data enhancement and statistical data analysis. Of special interest to librarians and library system providers is our expertise in bibliographic data processing.

Research services
Our research is directed primarily to applying customised adaptive software to problems considered intractable by direct methods.

With Protechnix you are assured of the highest standards of service and quality, and an entirely customer driven approach focusing upon your needs at each step of the project.

Standards of Service
We comply with codes of service and conduct produced as guidelines for information system specialists by the British Computer Society. These are available for viewing within this web site here.

Each Client is Unique
Each customer has different expectations of their level of involvement in any project. Some businesses will provide a detailed formal specification of the system required, with each item requiring verification by the customer before progress is made to the next stage. Others may need a web site built yet only have a product catalogue as a guide. The development models we choose for a contract are based on the strength of involvement a client requires.

There are also variations in the technical knowledge of clients. Some clients can perceive their level of technical understanding as precluding a strong project involvement. We believe clients should be fully aware of the development process irrespective of familiarity with information technology, therefore we also customise our approach according to client technical knowledge.

Can we help?
Even if you are unsure whether ProTechnix can help we suggest contacting us. Should the service you need not fall within our particular fields of expertise we will try our best to put you in contact with other businesses who can help. If it does, then you will be assured of a client focussed approach and high standards of service and quality.

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