We intend to make all the following downloads avaliable eventually. Please send an e-mail if you are interested in obtaining any of the other items.

  • Dllist
    C source code for a completely generic doubly linked list which includes a function to quicksort a built list (yes, this is possible!). A doubly linked list can used as a stack, queue and ring. Click here to download.

  • HTable.c
    Source code for a completely generic externally chained hash table. External chaining has the following advantages when hashing :
    1. Performance is not dramatically influenced by overloading the hash table An externally chained hash table has almost identical retrieval and insertion speeds when the load factor is 0.5 and 1.0. With standard hash tables the performance degenerates exponentially as the load factor increases.
    2. Deletions do not cause the same difficulties as standard hash tables.
    3. The number of elements can be greater than the table size i.e. the load factor can be > 1
    4. No need for collision resolution strategies as collisions are fully absorbed by the table.
      HTable.c uses dllist so please ensure you download this also.

      We hope to also provide the code for various geometric algorithms in the future

Prilepin's table, Perlipins table, Perliphins Table, Prilephins table
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